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Founded in 2016, the Lisbon Investment Society’s main goals have been to encourage students to develop an interest in finance and activities that enhance their overall skills, building stronger and closer relations between themselves and important financial institutions. 

The Society strives to create the highest quality of financial content through its wide multicultural base of members. Across five departments, LIS enables members to explore various areas under the wide scope of investment and finance, as we aim to assist in the development of valuable and practical skills for their future professional careers.


Additionally, the Society produces equity research reports on companies across various sectors and industries, and provides financial advisory for small and medium size companies. Finally, LIS’ portfolio is complemented by industry overviews, newsletters, yearly outlooks and interviews with experts from the industry and authentic market makers, which can be found in our podcast "Crunch the Numbers".

Our president

"Lisbon Investment Society isn't just a place where you can develop yourself professionally, it is also where you can find true passion and purpose. Every achievement and milestone, from day one until now, is only possible because of how deeply our members care for the work we do. In this association, we welcome innovation and commitment with open arms, as we're always looking for ways to improve from year to year. Together, we navigate challenges and celebrate triumphs, making a real difference in businesses and, most importantly, people's lives. If you choose to join LIS, you'll be getting limitless opportunities to grow exponentially. Nonetheless, you'll also be getting a family, where we all support each other towards constructing a true legacy for everyone."    

                                        Pedro Cruz, President of LIS

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Our Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values


We aim to create an internationally recognizable brand, a testament of quality of our members and alumni, while being a go-to platform for diversified services in the financial field.


While remaining faithful to our original purpose, which is the passage of crucial knowledge and experience in the financial field to our members, we're also looking forward making a real impact in the markets, either by training highly qualified associates or by providing solutions to real life problems in our external projects.

Get to know our Departments
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