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Equity Research

"The Equity Research department is where theory meets practice. Our financial analysts dive deep into the complexities of financial analysis and gain hands-on experience in Equity Research and client satisfaction. Throughout valuable training, we provide the tools required to become ready for a competitive financial labor market, so that the students of today become the high-quality financial analysts of tomorrow."

Global Edge - Beatriz Braz.JPG

Beatriz Braz

Head of Global Edge

Global Edge

"The Global Edge department offers an array of captivating opportunities, including the chance to immerse yourself in groundbreaking research within the Global Markets Research team or by gaining practical experience in asset management with the Portfolio Management team. Alternatively, you can make a meaningful impact by advising companies on vital ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects as a part of the Sustainability Team or provide expert financial services to clients as a member of the Financial Advisory team. Your journey at Global Edge isn't just about learning; it's about shaping a brighter future for all."


"The Marketing department offers opportunities to gain practical experience in defining a brand's positioning strategy, with a keen eye for trends  the purpose is to connect the organization with our target audience and, ultimately, ensure sustainable success. Embracing marketing as a core business strategy is paramount, ensuring not just survival, but thriving amidst fierce competition and ever-evolving  expectations."


Mariana Alface

Head of Marketing


Sara Avelino

Head of Human Resources

Human Resources

" The Human Resources department is the heartbeat of an organization, nurturing its most valuable asset – its people. We are involved in shaping our organizational culture, through the development of numerous initiatives with our partners and are also responsible for the recruitment process. Join us as we create lasting connections in a thriving environment"

External Relations

" The External Relations department is dedicated to fostering and cultivating strategic partnerships and expanding our association's network, ensuring continuous contact throughout our service. Through meticulous planning and competent diplomacy, fostering meaningful connections and cultivating lasting partnerships based on shared values and mutual gains."

Manuel Correia.jpeg

Manuel Correia

Head of External Relations

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