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Equity Research
In Equity Research, we perform valuation of public companies for clients, by analysing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of its operations. In the analysis, we take into consideration the general overview of the company's business model and strategy, its segments of operation, its comparison with peer companies and its ESG ranking. Then, we use this data to develop assumptions on how the company will perform in the future, reaching a valuation throughout  a DCF Model, which is then complemented with a multiple-based valuation and a sensitive analysis of the variables.

Internally, each team is divided into focus-groups, where each team specializes in an industry.

Luxury Goods

In the Luxury Sector, we analyze companies that manufacture the most exclusive and customer-tailored personal goods, accessories, clothing and even vehicles.

Examples: Hermès, Ferrari, Ralph Lauren and Farfetch


In the Technology Sector, we analyse companies that sell goods and services in electronics, software computers, AI and other IT-related Examples: Alibaba, Microsoft and Uber


In the Healthcare Sector, we analyse  companies that research, develop, produce and distribute medication and medical treatment.

Examples: AstraZeneca, Merck & Co and Pfizer


In the Industrial Sector, we analyse companies specialized in construction and manufacturing, as they produce machinery, equipment and other goods.

Examples: Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), Boeing and Honeywell


In the Energy Sector, we analyse companies that produce or supply energy by any means, such as fossil fuels or renewables.

Examples:  Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell

Media and Entertainment

In the Media and Entertainment Sector, we analyse companies inside the scope of communications and advertising.

Examples: Paramount, Comcast and Fox Corp.


In the Transportation Sector, we analyse companies who are pivotal in connecting people and goods globally, moving passengers, products and resources.

Examples: Airbus and FedEx


In the Retail Sector, we analyse companies that are involved in food production, packaged goods, beverages and electronics

Exemples: Sonae and Tyson Foods

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